Endel × Grimes

A revolutionary collaboration between artist and AI

AI Lullaby is a sleep soundscape with original vocals and music created exclusively for this project by our favorite artist Grimes.

The sounds are processed by Endel Pacific technology to generate а soundscape that adapts in real-time to your location, weather, and natural light exposure.

AI Lullaby is scientifically engineered to help children and adults sleep and nap better.
Babies need quality audio
This project is basically live remixing of ambient music by robots for babies, haha.

Endel × Grimes · AI Lullaby
Music Video

Listen to the future.
Fall asleep now

And I’m like aw hey cute little machine!

How it works

What does ‘adaptive’ mean?
AI Lullaby is an endless soundscape that adapts in real-time to your location, weather, and natural light exposure. This means that your sound experience is always unique and personalized to improve your sleep.
Is it just for babies?
Not at all! AI Lullaby is based on Endel’s beloved Sleep soundscape, which has helped adults and children all over the world to manage their sleep patterns since 2018.
What is the science behind AI Lullaby?
Utilizing neuroscientific and psychoacoustic studies, this soundscape was created in partnership with the sleep science experts from SleepScore Labs. Learn more about the science behind Endel here.
What is Endel Pacific?
The core technology behind Endel, Endel Pacific creates personalized environments to reduce stress, improve sleep, and boost productivity. It is platform-agnostic and designed for integrations. Learn more about Endel Pacific here.
What’s next?
AI Lullaby kicks off a series of collaborations. Expect more soundscapes with like-minded artists. We believe that solving fundamental problems like poor sleep, lack of self-awareness, and constant stress, requires sophisticated engineering, cutting edge science, and art. When these things combine, we are able to spiritually evolve as a species.


Endel Team
Sound Director
Dmitry Evgrafov
Sound Designer
Alexander Vasilenko
Visual Director
Protey Temen
Anastasia Panina
Kirill Bulatsev
Lead iOS Developer
Vyacheslav Dubovitsky
Pavel Skorynin
Maxim Smirnov
Igor Skovorodkin
Alexander Zhuk
Anatoli Huseu
Alexa Team
Vladimir Terekhov
Maxim Zaytsev
Head of Product
Philipp Petrenko
Data Analyst
Dmitry Bezugly
Additional Design
Andrew Maykov
Galya Dautova
Communications Team
Vadim Chernikov
Artem Vidyaev
Polina Savinova
Philipp Karetov
Sergey Ilyushin
Dwight Pavlovic
Jane Maslova
QA & Support
Sasha Kononenko
Arto Ushan
Ignat Batuev
Marina Guz
Marina Guseva
Head of Brand & Partnerships
Nadya Yurinova
Endel CEO
Oleg Stavitsky
Danielle Quebrado Jimenez
No Other AgencyVeronika Belousova
SOUND UP management
Grimes Team
Kosta Elchev
Daouda Leonard

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